Joan of Arc and Nicolas Cage

My friends over at Angel Tears joined up with my friends over at The Nicolas Cage Fan Club and put out this book, NICOLAS CAGE, which includes (among other things) my story “Joan of Arc” (which first appeared in The Adroit Journal) — don’t ask me what Joan of Arc has to do with Nicolas Cage (my personal theory is the link works somehow via GHOST RIDER) but it’s a really cool book that also includes NC’s full filmography on the inside flaps so you can check them all off as you see them! Pick up a copy from the Angel Tears Website if you see fit 🔥💀🔥

2 thoughts on “Joan of Arc and Nicolas Cage

  1. Ben,

    Thanks for the good news. I’m planning to get the book. (I need to find out what Ghost Rider is…Am perennially “ out of it.”)

    Btw Edvard Grieg was Norwegian, thus the “cold.”




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