“The Duck” on This American Life

It’s happening again! My story “The Duck,” from Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day, will be on This American Life this weekend—airing on Friday, Feb. 8th, and appearing on the podcast Sunday the 10th. This will be the fourth time the story has appeared on TAL’s Valentine’s Day episode. Not bad for a duck!

To mark the occasion, here’s the portrait that animator Simon Cottee made of me as a duck (I’m not usually a duck) back when he was making an animated short from the story. You can watch that short here if you like (it’s pretty great and I especially enjoy how all the ducks speak with Australian accents). You can also hear the story adapted to chamber orchestra (!) by the incredible Nathan Hudson over here. Or, of course, you can buy the book!

Ben Loory as Duck by Simon Cottee.jpg

(I like to think I’m a little more dashing, but hey.)

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