The Man with the Hand of Gold

I have a new story called “The Man with the Hand of Gold” up over at Uncharted Magazine today. I’ve been working on this one for a long, long time—I wrote the first draft many years ago while sitting at Book Expo America watching my friend Jonathan Evison sign copy after copy after copy of his first novel All About Lulu for what seemed like an infinitely long line of readers… I remember him pausing to shake out his hand and all of a sudden the name of the story popped into my head and I got out my little notebook. Then somehow over the years the story seemed to morph into one about Michael Jackson? Then for a while the sorcerer in it disappeared and it became kind of a story about that Preminger-Sinatra movie The Man with the Golden Arm? Anyway eventually everything sorted itself out and the sorcerer returned and the story became itself and bing bang boom 50 or 60 drafts later and here we are! Anyway, it’s one of my favorite stories I ever wrote and it’s great to finally get it out into the world. Many thanks to editor Tommy Dean for all his help. I hope you like it!

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